All the awesome web and tech events happening in and around the South Coast of England. Got an event coming up? Let us know about it.

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This website aims to be the place to find all web related events along the South Coast of the UK

South Coast Web Events was started by Jo Eyre, Director of Starboard Media. She organises/has organised a number of of web events in Portsmouth, such as Portsmouth Freelancers Meet (monthly networking), PubHack (yearly hackathon event) and Drink & Dribbble (one off event).

“Through running these events, I’ve had the joy of meeting many other people from across the South Coast who run events too, such as meetups, hackathons and conferences. We regularly attend each others events, and because there’s so much going on we often clash. I put together the website to hopefully provide a comprehensive list of all things web and tech happening across the South Coast.”

What counts as South Coast I hear you ask?

Well, it’s up for debate, but we figured anything within 1-2 hours travel time of Portsmouth.

Can I list my event here?

Sure! If you submit through the Submit an Event page, we’ll take a look – if it qualifies as a web event and within ‘South Coast’ territory we’ll put it up!